Cream of the crop: Waistline-friendly cream desserts

So, it’s summer and we’re more conscious of our waistlines than ever. Especially after the festive season of endless eating and indulging with friends and family. At Tant’ Sannie se Melktert we love sharing our favourite milktart recipes, filled with delicious sweet, full cream custard, buttery pastry and of course a dash and splash of Tant’ Sannie se Melktert liqueur. But we also understand that dishes like this are for special occasions, and not just for every day eating, so here are some cream desserts that won’t make you feel guilty.

People are becoming more and more health conscious, and trying to be more moderate about their diets, sugar and carbohydrate intake. Having said this, there are also an array of newly discovered ingredients that can be perfect substitutes for sugar, and flour. Our team has done some research and recipe development on how to create cream desserts without the guilt. Don’t be hesitant, these have all the flavour of our favourite melktert – in fact you may not even realise they are sugar and carb free at all!

Out of all the cream desserts we could find, the classic milktart came out top. This one ticks all the low fat, low carb and sugar free boxes:


For the Crust*:

1 cup of Almond Flour

2 Tbsp of desiccated coconut

2 Tbsp of Xylitol

60g butter

For the filling*:

2 cups of cream

2 Tbsp Xylitol

5ml Vanilla Essence

25g Butter

4 eggs separated

A pinch of salt

1 tsp of Psyllium Husk


How to Make It:

· Preheat your oven to 180 degrees.

· Start with the crust by melting the butter and pouring it over your Almond flour, coconut and xylitol. Mix it all together and then press into your pie dish. Make sure that it’s spread out thinly enough but without any gaps.

· Heat the cream, salt and xylitol on medium heat.

· Whisk the egg yolks together lightly and then add them to the creamy mixture. You’ll need to stir constantly and as soon as the mixture starts to thicken, add the vanilla and butter.

· Remove from the heat.

· Whisk the egg whites and Psyllium Husk together until they are light and fluffy.

· Fold this mixture into your custard mixture. Once it is folded in, you can whisk it lightly to ensure there are no lumps.

· Pour over the crust and then sprinkle with cinnamon.

· Pop it into the oven and bake for 20-30 minutes. Watch that it the edges don’t burn and remove once you see milk tart looking set and puffy.

For a quick and easy after dinner treat, when you just don’t have the time to whisk, fold and bake we suggest keeping some carb clever vanilla ice cream in the freezer and simply pouring a shot of Tant’ Sannie se Melktert liqueur over, with a sprinkling of cinnamon. Cream desserts don’t have to be extravagant, costly, or time consuming – they just have to taste good!

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