Milktart and other Proudly South African Products

What does it mean to be proudly South African?

When it comes to realising what makes you South African (truly, South African) a few proudly South African products and facts come to mind. So let’s take a quick peek at some and revel in the awesomeness of Mzansi and our roots. Here are just a few proudly South African products that give us reason to feel lekker!

Biltong: The idea of salty dried meat may not sound particularly delicious to those who live outside the borders of South Africa but as true South Africans we couldn’t love this snack more! Munch on a handful before a braai or during a rugby match and just remember the toothpicks! This salty snack was created by Voortrekkers looking for a way to preserve food during the Great Trek – now there’s a historical fact for you!

Pinotage: We live in wine country, there’s no getting around that. Pinotage is South Africa’s very own wine varietal and it’s truly unique and loved by locals and tourists. Pinotage was created when Professor Abraham Izak Perold blended Hermitage (Cinsault) and Pinot Noir grapes back in the 1920s. By 2018, 6 791 hectares of South Africa’s winelands were dedicated to growing Pinotage vines and almost 17 million litres of the varietal were exported.

Shweshwe: The distinctive indigo patterned fabric was gifted to King Moshoeshoe by the French but it has since evolved to encompass a variety of shades and designs and is a representation of our unique African creativity. See it used to make bags, linen and clothing around the country. This is truly a proudly South African product.

Milktart: Are you really South African if you don’t just love the smell of a freshly baked milktart, with sweet hints of cinnamon permeating the kitchen? Tant’ Sannie milktart liqueur is a true testament to how much we love the flavours of buttery pastry, smooth milk custard and a hint of sweet cinnamon spice.

Rooibos: This one-of-a-kind, naturally sweet tea is grown only in the beautiful Cederberg area. It quenches thirst and contains antioxidants that may fight cancer and boost heart health. Drink it hot, with or without milk, or cold as an ice tea. It can also be used in cooking, and has made its way overseas where it a staple on any good tea menu!

Rusks: Morning tea or coffee isn’t the same without dipping one of these traditional biscuits.

Koeksusters: The ultimate sweet tooth satisfiers. There’s nothing like a twist of fried dough dripping with golden syrup to cure a sugar craving. Try it with a glass of delicious Tant’ Sannie Ultimate Iced Coffee for that afternoon buzz!

Amasi: So much more than a just a nutritious drink. Amasi is soured milk and has become a star ingredient in scones and marinades. It’s even been used to put a local twist on desserts like sorbet!

More proudly South African products

Over and above some of the proudly South African products above, there are a few more things that highlight our African spirit:

  • Nou gaan ons braai! What’s the first thing people do when visiting family and friends in South Africa? We braai! Everyone loves to braai, even those who encounter the occasion for the very first time. It’s an opportunity to invite your new friends and colleagues over and treat them to a South African braai. Use proudly South African products such as chutney, Niknaks and make a traditional braai broodtjie to add to your meal. Oh wait, don’t forget about a shot of Tant’ Sannie for an after-braai treat!
  • Give us a high five for The Big Five: Here in SA, you can see Lion, Leopard, Rhino, Elephant, and Buffalo. There’s nowhere else in the world that you can see the Big Five freely strolling around in the wild. It’s something to add to the bucket list.
  • We speak the Lingo (11 in fact!): South African lingo and languages are vast and varied. Our slang is a combination of many languages and somehow we still manage to know what we are talking about! We hope. Entertain your friends with a taste of Saffa lingo, my boet!
  • Nelson Mandela, Madiba: The Father of our nation who will live on in our hearts and minds forever. People all over the world quote him and admire him greatly.

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