South African Melktert: A Taste of Home

There’s no denying that South African cuisine is a diverse blend of cultures, traditions, and flavours. From savoury dishes like bobotie and boerewors to sweet treats such as koeksisters and malva pudding, every classic South African dish tells a story of heritage and community. And speaking of the sweet treats, few South African desserts hold as much cultural significance as the South African melktert, or milk tart. This iconic dessert traces its roots back to the early 1600s when Dutch settlers first landed in the Cape of Good Hope, and it’s captured the hearts and taste buds of generations.

A taste of history

The story of the South African melktert is a tale of tradition, passed down through generations. With its origins in the Dutch kitchens of the Cape, this sweet treat has evolved over centuries, adapting to the changing tastes and influences of the times. From its humble beginnings to its status as a beloved national dessert, the melktert has remained a symbol of South African pride and ingenuity.

Comfort in every bite

Although the crust of a South African melktert is typically made from a delicate short-crust pastry, many South Africans go down the easy route of using crushed tennis biscuits or ready-made puff pastry. However, the essence remains the same – a buttery, flaky crust that holds the creamy custard filling. And while some may debate the choice of a crustless South African melktert, there’s no denying the simple pleasure of a well-made pastry.

Creamy indulgence

Mmm… the heart and soul of South African melktert – the creamy custard filling, brimming with the richness of milk, sugar, and eggs. Thickened with cornflour for a velvety texture that melts in your mouth, this creamy concoction reflects the Dutch influence that permeates South African cuisine. The Dutch influence shines through in the generous use of milk, a nod to the dairy farmers who settled the Cape of Good Hope centuries ago. And let’s not forget the cinnamon – introduced to Dutch settlers by the Japanese, it adds a subtle warmth and depth of flavour that ties the deliciousness of this dessert together.

A dusting of delight

No melktert is complete without a generous dusting of cinnamon on top, a final flourish that adds visual appeal to this mouthwatering dessert. Served sliced, chilled, or at room temperature, each bite of South African melktert is a journey of nostalgic flavours that dance on the palate and warm the soul.

Tant Sannie’s twist

In the hearts of South Africans, the love for traditional milktart runs as deep as the roots of our culture, and Tant Sannie se Melktert Liqueur provides the perfect twist on this timeless classic. With its infusion of irresistible milk tart flavours and a hint of sweet cinnamon spice, this creamy liqueur carries the essence of South African melktert in every sip. Whether poured over ice, mixed in a cocktail or whipped up in a decadent dessert, Tant Sannie se Melktert Liqueur brings the warmth of nostalgia and the taste of home to life, instantly.