Twenty Five-year old Andile Sikhakhane, well-known as Chef Scott is an internationally & locally experienced Chef, with the passion for culinary. Andile has turned his passion into a successful growing business through his services as a private chef, gourmet caterer and styling & consulting for restaurants. His event, the Culinary Experience is held every two months in Durban and Johannesburg.


The Culinary Experience is a concept that offers a private dining experience, where Chef Scott has a 3 or 5 course menu prepared by himself and his team. His currently in partnership with Remy Martin, a fine champagne cognac brand, where they provide guests with quite the experience. The event has grown from hosting 10 people to now filling out seats and saw a much larger audience in Johannesburg the past few months.


The Main Purpose of Chef Scott’s events are to reach out to his clientele since he is a Private Chef and showcase his capabilities for clients to have a private chef in their home, they also target corporate companies who would like to give their staff an incentive for good performance in the work place.