Tant Sannie’s Hazelnut Praline Milkshake

400g hazelnuts
250g caster sugar
70ml water
vanilla bean
1 scoop vanilla ice cream
200ml milk
50ml Tant Sannie se Melktert liqueur

Roast the nuts in the oven at 52C for about 15 minutes. In a saucepan, combine the sugar, water and vanilla bean and bring to boil. Carefully stir in the nuts. Keep stirring until the sugar turns into caramel. Discard the vanilla bean and pour the caramel onto a baking sheet. Once the caramel is hard and cool, break it into small pieces and mix it using a food processor. It will turn into a powder first and then into a soft paste. Transfer it into an air-tight container. To make the milkshake, blend ice cream, milk and Tant Sannie se Melktert liqueur using a stick blender. Pour the milkshake mixture and praline paste into a tall milkshake glass. Serve immediately.


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