Tant Sannie's Chocolatini

Spring is here, and with the (slightly) warmer weather, we thought it would be appropriate to give the cocktail menu a fresh shake-up. With a deliciously fresh Tant Sannie se Melktert liqueur infused drink, that is! The chocolatini is a decadent twist on the classic vodka martini, the drink that James Bond made famous in his films. Connoisseurs will tell you that a martini should really be stirred: shaking it clouds the drink and can even make it weaker, as more ice dissolves. But Bond likes his this way and who are we to argue, besides, it makes for a refreshing and not overly sweet dessert cocktail in this case. The spicy notes of Tant Sannie se Melktert liqueur add even more depth and intrigue u2013 we're sure 007 would approve!


  • 60 ml Tant Sannie se Melktert liqueur
  • 20 ml premium vodka
  • 20 ml chocolate liqueur


Combine all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake well and strain into a martini glass. Sprinkle a dusting of cinnamon and/or chocolate shavings on top and enjoy!


As Tant Sannie would say, u201cLife just got Lip Lek Lekker u201d with theu00a0first-everu00a0release of Tant Sannie se recipe /u00a0resepteu00a0book.

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