Cheers To You: Celebrate with Tant Sannie se Melktert Liqueur

Whether it’s a birthday, a special milestone, or simply the end of a long week, there’s always a reason to raise a glass and toast to life’s moments – big or small. And when it comes to finding the perfect drink to celebrate, look no further than Tant Sannie se Melktert Liqueur. With its irresistible blend of sweet milktart flavours and its highly versatile nature, this liqueur is the perfect companion to raise a glass and cheers to you!

More than a milktart

A taste of tradition

At the heart of Tant Sannie se Melktert Liqueur lies the richness of South African tradition. Inspired by the irresistible milktart, this liqueur captures the essence of a classic South African dessert and transforms it into an instant delight. With its creamy milk custard base, buttery pastry notes, and hints of sweet cinnamon, each sip celebrates South African flavour and heritage.

Versatility in every sip  (or spoonful)

One stand-out quality of Tant Sannie se Melktert Liqueur is its versatility. Whether you prefer it straight as a shot, over ice with a sprinkle of cinnamon, or as a delicious addition to your fave South African dessert, this liqueur never fails to impress. Its smooth and creamy texture makes it a pleasure to drink on its own, while its sweet flavours complement a variety of classic South African dessert recipes. From melkkos to custard slices, each sweet bake is bound to delight your taste buds and leave you craving more.

Cocktail creations

Make any celebration even more special with Tant Sannie’s cocktail recipes – these cocktails are a delightful way to celebrate life’s sweet moments and cheers to you! Whether you’re in the mood for something bold and sophisticated like an Espresso Martini, or craving the sweet indulgence of a Salted Caramel Cocktail, Tant Sannie se Melktert Liqueur makes just about any drink utterly divine.

Here’s a quick and easy cocktail recipe to get you started:

B-52 Cocktail Shooter


  • 15ml coffee liqueur such as African Secret
  • 15ml Tant Sannie se Melktert Liqueur
  • 15ml orange liqueur like triple sec


Pour the three drinks into a chilled shot glass – Start with the coffee liqueur, followed by the Tant Sannie se Melktert Liqueur, and finally the orange liqueur. A good tip is to slowly pour each liqueur over the back of a spoon for perfect layering.

Cheers to you & celebrate the everyday

While special occasions certainly call for a toast, Tant Sannie reminds us that every day is worth celebrating. Whether you’re unwinding after a long day at work, catching up with friends over brunch, or simply enjoying a quiet evening at home, Tant Sannie se Melktert Liqueur is the perfect choice – versatile, delicious, and undeniably South African.

Savour the sweetness of the present moment and let Tant Sannie se Melktert Liqueur be your go-to – because in a world filled with reasons to celebrate, Tant Sannie is the perfect reminder to cherish life’s simple pleasures and embrace the joy that surrounds us. So, go ahead – pour yourself a glass, make a cocktail, or whip up a classic South African dessert and take a moment to cheers to you.