A Twist on the Classic Coffee and Cream

Ah, coffee and cream – it’s such a classic combo. There’s something undeniably comforting about the rich, creamy goodness of milk or cream swirling in your favourite brew. But what if we told you there’s a way to take this perfect pair up a notch? With Tant Sannie se Melktert liqueur, you can add a delightful twist to your daily cuppa that promises to sprinkle a touch of South African sweetness.

The Appeal of Coffee and Cream

Coffee and cream – it’s a match made in caffeinated heaven. But what makes it taste so good? Well, the creamy richness of milk or cream adds a luxurious touch to your bitter brew, softening its bold flavours and creating a velvety texture that dances on your palate. Whether you prefer a dollop of whipped cream on top of your espresso or a splash of half-and-half in your morning brew, cream offers a smooth texture and subtle sweetness that perfectly complements the robust bitterness of coffee. It’s no wonder that coffee and cream have graced countless cups around the world for so long.

Add a Twist to Your Coffee and Cream

Now, imagine infusing that already divine pairing with the flavours of a traditional South African milk tart – that’s where Tant Sannie se Melktert liqueur comes in. Crafted with care and brimming with the essence of creamy milk custard, buttery pastry crust, and sweet cinnamon, Tant Sannie se Melktert liqueur is the perfect way to sweeten up your coffee – whether you prefer it piping hot or on the colder side!

The rich, velvety texture of Tant Sannie se Melktert liqueur adds smoothness and depth to the bold flavours of coffee, creating a balance and blend that simply hits the sweet spot.

Here’s a simple recipe to get you started:

Tant Sannie’s ‘Coffee and Cream’ Iced Coffee

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 ½ cups hot coffee
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar, or to taste
  • 125ml of Tant Sannie se Melktert liqueur
  • Plenty of ice

How to make it: 

  1. Brew your favourite coffee and allow it to cool to room temperature (pop it in the freezer to cool it quickly).
  2. Pour the cooled coffee into a tall glass filled with ice.
  3. Add sugar and Tant Sannie se Melktert liqueur to taste, stirring until well combined.
  4. Sit back, relax, and savour the creamy, indulgent goodness of Tant Sannie se Melktert liqueur-infused iced coffee.

With Tant Sannie se Melktert liqueur, your coffee breaks will never be the same. Whether you’re cooling off in the afternoon with a refreshing iced coffee or winding down with a hot post-dinner cuppa, Tant Sannie se Melktert liqueur adds a touch of magic to every sip. So, go ahead – treat yourself to a sweet twist on the classic coffee and cream combo, and let Tant Sannie se Melktert liqueur take you to a world where you can savour life’s simple pleasures, one sip at a time.